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Optimising online human experience by designing user-centric prototypes, digital products and design systems


Work Experience


Freelance Senior UX/UI & Product Designer, UX Researcher, Digital Strategist, and Speaker
Sander Crombach

(Apr 2015 — present)


Vodafone Goup / hired by Chunk (Digital Agency)
(May 2019 — present / London) (contract)

(June 2019 — present) (contract)

Floyd & Hamilton (Digital Agency)
(May 2019) (contract)

Greenchoice / hired by Qikker Online (Digital Agency)
(Feb — Mar 2019) (contract)

Eye Film Institute
(Sep 2018 — Jan 2019) (5 months) (contract)

(Jun 2016 + Dec 2017 + Sep 2018) (contract)

University of Amsterdam
(Dec 2017 — Aug 2018) (9 months) (contract)

Aiden (Creative Agency)
(Jul 2018) (contract)

City of Amsterdam
(Mar — Apr 2018) (contract)

T-Mobile / hired by Motorrr (Digital Agency)
(Apr — May + Sep + Nov 2017) (4 months) (contract)

Zalando SE
(Oct 2017 / Berlin) (contract)

Royal FloraHolland / hired by Vandejong (Creative Agency)
(Aug 2017) (contract)

(Jul 2017) (contract)

Dutch Chamber of Commerce
(Oct 2016 — Jul 2017) (10 months) (contract)

DLL / hired by 0930 (Creative Agency)
(Sep 2016) (contract)

(Jul 2016) (contract)

Yamaha / hired by INDG (Creative Agency)
(Mar 2016) (contract)

🚀 Co-founder / Creative Director
The Master Workshop (part of SCALE)

(Jan 2019 — present)

Art Director / Senior (UX) Designer
Lucas & Mallee

(Apr 2015 - Jun 2016)

Art Director / Visual (UX) Designer

(Oct 2013 - Mar 2015)

Co-founder / Creative Director / Visual Designer
Studio Jan Koek

(Sep 2006 - Sep 2013)


Creative Fields

•  User Experience design (UX)
•  User Interface design (UI)
•  Customer Experience design (CX)
•  Information Architecture (IA)
•  Team lead
•  Art / Creative / UX Direction
•  Business Innovation design
•  Digital strategy
•  Digital Transformation consultancy
•  Design Thinking
•  Design Sprint Facilitator
•  Workshop Facilitator
•  Product / Visual / Interaction design
•  Prototyping
•  User flows & Scenarios
•  Wireframing & Prototyping
•  Team & Stakeholder management
•  Customer Journey & Empathy mapping
•  Growth Hacking
•  Usability testing
•  Visual Identities
•  Design Systems
•  WCAG 2.0 accessibility
•  Voice & Text Interface design
•  Augmented Interaction design
•  Virtual Interaction design
•  Concept development
•  Online (Re)Branding
•  Content creation
•  Typography
•  Iconography
•  Illustration
•  Animation
•  Print design



Clients I worked for



and many more


UX/CX vs UI/Visual/Product vs Digital Strategy



As an UX/CX Designer I ...

... research my client's target audiences (CX) and create personas, map empathy & customer journeys and write test scenarios

… design overviews of and solutions for complex information architecture (IA), to solve complex challenges

... design prototypes and click demos, with the client flows in mind (UX), and run and analyse usability tests

... design flowcharts, wireflows, wireframes and interaction designs (UX)


As a UI/Visual/Product Designer I ...

... design modern visual identities that represent the value proposition of the company, institute, startup or product

... design user interfaces (UI) for responsive & mobile websites, (web)apps & webtools, voice & text interfaces and modular grid systems

... design online style guides and design systems (documented visual library guidelines)


As a Digital Strategist I ...

... facilitate workshops and design sprints

... help brands developing their brand strategy and visualising it into a brand book / design system

... guide stakeholders through their digital transformation process while giving presentations and creating roadmaps

... lead teams in their (design and development) process

… gather internal (stakeholders) and external (customers) input and analyse it


Photography is a great passion of mine!


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"Sander is one of the most talented, productive and highly collaborative designers I've ever worked with. I hope to have the pleasure of working with him again."


Artur Mkrtchyan
CTO at Collabary by Zalando



As a freelancer I ...


  • won a Silver Award 🏆 at the 2016 International Visual Identity Awards for the visual identity I designed for the company De Tekstbrouwmeester;

  • was finalist 🏆 at the Chinese Hiiiibrand Awards 2017, category 'Professional Identity', for the visual identity I designed for the company De Tekstbrouwmeester;

  • won single-handed a pitch 🏆 against three big design agencies for redesigning the new website of the University of Amsterdam;

  • was mentioned by Adobe and Shopify as one of the 10 UX designers globally to follow on Instagram for inspiration;

  • was hired by Zalando in Berlin to redesign a digital product / start-up called Collabary, and worked in their HQ in Berlin;

  • participated in a two-day ideation workshop for the world's largest furniture retailer in Malmö;

  • designed digital products for several (global) brands, including Yamaha, T-Mobile, DLL, Royal FloraHolland, WeMarket and Scrum Academy;

  • made designs for the website of Eye Film Institute, the national museum for film in the Netherlands;

  • designed a customer journey flowchart and chatbot interaction prototype for Boldking;

  • designed an AI machine learning application and a web app called Krachtmeting for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce;

  • designed a smart robot advise chatbot app for a big insurance company in the Netherlands, in collaboration with agency Aiden;

  • started a brand new company with a partner called The Master Workshop; inviting inspiring speakers from all over the world teaching about #emotionaldesign, #empathy, and #digitalethics to facilitate 8-hour long Master Workshops;

  • facilitated a unique 1-day (8 hours) UX Master Workshop about UX and Design Thinking;


Design agency I worked for
Lucas & Mallee



At Lucas & Mallee I ...


  • directed and won 🏆 an international pitch for a 5 star global hotel brand, defeating design firms from Switzerland, Singapore and Australia;
  • went to Bali (Indonesia) to start the project and to visit this global hotel brand;
  • was Art Director of several big projects for global brands, including Samvardhana Motherson GroupStarwood Hotels & Resorts and Alila Hotels & Resorts;
  • worked for more than 20 different brands, including W Hotels & ResortsAlbert Heijn and AGU;
  • worked together with numerous interaction and visual designersfrontend and backend developers;
  • followed several online classes in the fields of Dynamic Brand Identity and Photography;
  • enjoyed walking during lunchbreaks with our office manager "Balthy", on a leash ...

"Sander is a young dynamic and smart UX designer who's willing to push his work and client to the next level!"


Alonzo Kaya
Director marketing, Commune Hotels & Resorts



Design agency I worked for



At Fabrique I ...


  • worked for more than 30 different brands;
  • was Art Director of several projects for different brands;
  • worked in teams with the agile-methode scrum on different projects, like;
  • worked on award-winning projects, like;
  • designed mobile websites and apps for different brands, including Gamma;
  • made (online) styleguides for (international) brands like 3Suisses and Intergamma;
  • was part of multiple usability tests while working on different projects, like;
  • followed multiple Merk Stuur Ontwerp (brand design) courses;
  • worked together with numerous interaction and visual designersfrontend and backend developers;
  • loved staring at post-its on walls ...

"I would recommend Sander for every team or agency with room for an elegant, charming and brilliant art director"


Hans Leijdekkers
Creative Director, Fabrique



Design agency I founded
Studio Jan Koek



At Studio Jan Koek I ...


  • co-founded an independent design studio and worked there for 7 years (2006 - 2013);

  • worked on more than 250 different communication projects for over 100 different brands, including Rabobank, 013 popcentre, Effenaar, city of 's-Hertogenbosch, city of Tilburg, ZLTO and Fontys;

  • had 1 employee (developer) for three years (2010 - 2013);

  • directed 8 interns who studied at the University of Salamanca (Spain), Design Academy (Eindhoven, the Netherlands), St. Joost ('s-Hertogenbosch and Breda, the Netherlands) and Communication & Multimedia Design (Breda, the Netherlands);

  • won two times in a row 🏆🏆 the Agendainfo Award for best podium website (design) 013 popcentrum;

  • was a winner 🏆 of a Jongehonden pitch;

  • designed a magazine called 'Sjel' which was announced Book Of The Week in the popular Dutch soccer magazine 'Voetbal International';

  • designed a book that was featured in Editorial Design on Behance;

  • worked together with numerous of design studios and design freelancers;

  • gathered knowledge about acquisition, client management and (online) marketing;

  • enjoyed ordering 'fresh interns' ...


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