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Freelance Senior UX / CX / Product Designer & Digital Strategist

Hi! I’m Sander, a freelance Senior UX & UI Designer, User Researcher, Digital Strategist & Speaker

Designing digital products with a focus on empathy and digital ethics.
Designing for tomorrow.


I design user-centric digital products & design systems

Which are human-centric, smart, beautiful and easy to use


And help UX designers & companies to digitally transform

While consulting and facilitating training & workshops in UX, CX, user research and digital strategy


I worked for many leading brands, including Zalando SE (at Berlin HQ), Commune Hotels & Resorts (at Bali HQ), T-Mobile, Yamaha, Ahold, W Hotels & Resorts, Royal FloraHolland, ING, Greenchoice and many more.

And for non-profit institutions, like Eye Film Institute, University of Amsterdam, City of Amsterdam and Dutch Chamber of Commerce.


I have also collaborated with several design and internet agencies, for example Chunk, INDG, FabriqueVandejong, Motorrr, Qikker Online, Lucas & Mallee, Aiden and 09:30.

And co-founder of a new company called The Master Workshop; inviting the best speakers worldwide teaching about digital ethics in design, technology, and business, and facilitating 8-hour long Master Workshops.

According to Adobe and Shopify I'm one of 10 UX designers to follow on Instagram for inspiration, who are contributing valuable and inspiring content to the design community.

Recent projects ↓

PROJECT 01/15 

Eye Film Institute — Designing the new website (IA + UX + UI) of the national museum for film in the Netherlands, with new modular grid & design system + headless CMS.

Currently working on this project.

PROJECT 02/15 

Zalando SE — Redesign (IA + UX + UI) of a digital product called Collabary; an influencer marketing start-up of a world-famous e-commerce company.

PROJECT 04/15 

T-Mobile — Brand new sales funnel to buy a fixed telecom package for at home, for one of the biggest mobile communications companies worldwide.



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Emotion-driven Usability Testing

This is my current talk.

In it I cover how you can discover how your users really feel about your digital products. Humans are driven by emotions, so instead of listening to what people say about your product, we can now also see what their emotions are.

I showcase how a sales funnel prototype I designed for T-Mobile was tested with a neurofeedback usability test. What the results were of this test and how I applied these learnings in the final design. Which elements cause frustration, attention, and joy among the customers?

I talked about this before at

Adobe Live Sessions @ Awwwards Conference

(February 15th, 2019)

UX Crunch Amsterdam

(February 14th, 2019)

If you would like me to share this talk at your event, feel free to contact me

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Articles I wrote



Internationally published articles about projects I designed 🇩🇪🇬🇧🇫🇷


Digital Strategy / UXpertise

Specialised in design sprints and in the design thinking, lean start-up and scrum methodologies. Plus an expert in online accessibility (WCAG 2.0).

Helping companies with their digital transformation while guiding stakeholders during the process. Doing this by facilitating workshops, gathering and analysing input (internal and external), leading teams, defining roadmaps and giving presentations.

Designing modern UX and UI, like responsive & mobile websites, (web)apps & webtools, voice & text interfaces, modular grid systems, AR & VR experiences and design systems.

Hybrid UX & UI


I am passionate about designing smart information architecture (UX) as well as well-functioning and beautiful user interfaces (UI).

In order to enhance my productivity and allow for experiencing the end product in an early wireframe phase, I design them both at the same time. For this purpose, I develop click demos during the design process.

#ux #cx #ui #informationarchitecture #digitalstrategy




✓ Business Consulting

✓ Creative Concept Development

✓ Stakeholder Management

✓ Stakeholder Workshops

✓ Facilitating Design Sprints

✓ Leading Team(s)

✓ Training Designers and/or Team(s)

✓ Art / Creative / UX Direction

✓ Creating presentations

✓ Analysing internal input


✓ User Experience Design

✓ Information Architecture Design

✓ Customer Experience Research

✓ Interaction Design

✓ Data & Insights analysing

✓ (Buyer) Personas & Test Scenarios

✓ Prototying

✓ Usability Testing

✓ UX Reviews


✓ User Interface Design

✓ Visual Design

✓ Design Systems

✓ Responsive & Mobile Websites

✓ Voice & text interfaces

✓ Modular Grid Systems

✓ Service Design

✓ Apps & Web Tools


[ Presentations / workshops / training examples ]


Proud co-founder of a new company called The Master Workshop.

At TMW (started in 2019) we invite the best speakers worldwide teaching about digital ethics in design, technology, and business, and facilitate 8-hour long Master Workshops.

Surf to to see which Master Workshops are coming up in 2019.

#digitalethics #themasterworkshop

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What clients have to say 

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