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'From User Experience to Design-driven Business Innovation' The Master Workshop (De Nieuwe Ruimte, Amsterdam)


Hi, my name is Sander Crombach, a UX / CX / Product Designer and Digital Strategist.

Some of the leading clients I worked for are ...


October 12th I will facilitate a UX Master Workshop. Join me if you want to know everything about UX, Design Thinking, Customer Experience, Feedback Loops, Design Sprints and much more.

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What is the workshop about?

Innovation is a big challenge for many businesses and organisations. It touches on different parts and dimensions of an organisation; from services, products, customer value, and delivery processes to revenue models, interfaces with customers, customer experiences, and more. One of the recent developments in the field of innovation management is the rise of a design-driven approach to innovation.

In this master workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn more about what design-driven business innovation is and how it can create value for you and your organisation. Sander will share with you his cutting-edge knowledge and valuable insights gathered over the past 12 years while working with different in-house teams for a wide range of companies, startups, and non-profit organisations worldwide. UX is not just about designing wireframes – it's a way to transform how organisations work.

Sander will demonstrate how to set-up a user-centric software development process and how you, as a UX designer, can expand and take control over the entire process of creating digital products by using the design thinking methodology. Real-life examples and case studies will drive the workshop. You will learn how to involve end-users in the process of creating digital products, convince stakeholders, and eventually, digitally transform entire organisations.


When is it?


How will the day look like?


Part I — All Companies (zoom out): Methodologies Timeline / UX / Design Thinking / User-Centric

09:00 — 09:15  (0:15)  |  Introduction

09:15 — 09:45  (0:30)  |  Our Generation: Timeline Of Methodologies

09:45 — 10:15  (0:30)  |  What is User Experience (UX)?

10:15 — 10:30  (0:15)  |  Q&A



10:30 — 11:00  (0:30)

11:00 — 11:30  (0:30)  |  Design Thinking: A Human-Centered Approach

11:30 — 12:30  (1:00)  |  Workshop activity: Design Thinking




12:30 - 13:30  (1:00) 


Part II — Your Company (zoom in): Software Development Process / Target Audience Research / Customer Experience (CX) / Feedback Loops / Usability Testing


13:30 — 14:15  (0:45)  |  Software Development Process; Implementing The Feedback Loop

14:15 — 14:45  (0:30)  |  What is Customer Experience (CX)?

14:45 — 15:00  (0:15)  |  Q&A



15:00 - 15:30  (0:30)

15:30 — 16:00  (0:30)  |  Target Audience Research + Usability Testing

16:00 — 17:00  (1:00)  |  Workshop activity: Usability Testing


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