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Freelance Senior UX / CX / Product Designer & Digital Strategist

Working for and at all kinds of brands, start-ups and non-profit institutions


PROJECT 01/15 

Zalando SE — Redesign (IA + UX + UI) of an app and webtool for an influencer marketing start-up called Collabary, part of a world-famous e-commerce company.

PROJECT 02/15 

T-Mobile — Brand new sales funnel to buy a fixed telecom package for at home, for one of the biggest mobile communications companies worldwide.


PROJECT 03/15 

Eye Film Institute — Designs for the new website (IA + UX + UI) of the national museum for film in the Netherlands, with new modular grid & design system + headless CMS.


PROJECT 04/15 ↓

Greenchoice — Redesign of an energy consumption and generation insights app, for the largest exclusively green, sustainable energy provider in the Netherlands.

Currently being developed.

PROJECT 05/15 

WeMarket — User Interface design concept for a new start-up/app (by Bas Beerens, founder of WeTransfer), with a revolutionary way of selling and buying products online.

Screenshot 2019-04-17 at 21.28.14.png
PROJECT 06/15 

Alila Hotels & Resorts — Responsive website for a 5-star chain of hotels that operates in Indonesia, India, Oman, Vietnam and Singapore.

Screenshot 2019-04-17 at 21.03.06.png

PROJECT 07/15 

City of Amsterdam — Click model of a portal for start-ups to get government support to enable their growth.


PROJECT 08/15 

Boldking — Chatbot sales funnel prototype/app + customer journey flowchart, for a fast growing razor scaleup company.

PROJECT 09/15 

De Tekstbrouwmeester  Award winning 🏆 programmatic visual identity; creating distinguished content with the company's own written texts.

PROJECT 10/15 

Alila Hotels & Resorts  Concept for an AI personal assistant offering customers a high level of service in their digital customer journey, while booking but also during their stay.

PROJECT 11/15 

T-Mobile — Build, measure, learn, repeat! Prototype for a new webshop (responsive website), to gather valuable lessons with neurofeedback usability tests.


PROJECT 12/15 

DLL — New user interface (UI) design for a custom-build job offers platform (responsive website), with natural language form, for a top five European leasing company.


PROJECT 13/15 

Motherson Innovations  Interactive one page with unique UX which enables you to travel through time, enriched with custom made 3D visuals.

PROJECT 14/15 

Dutch Chamber of Commerce — Web app, with ReactJS animations, teaching candidate entrepreneurs how they can improve their entrepreneurship skills.



AGU — Digital advertisement meets UX; drawing attention of millenials with css animations and moving content.


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